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Terms & Conditions

As per the vinyl manufacturers instructions it is strongly recommended that all vinyl jobs over 16m2 should be adhered to the subfloor.

Consumer Complaints
A Hancock FloorCoverings (HFC) Complaint Form must first be completed and returned to our office. No consumer complaint will be inspected by HFC unless previously inspected by the retailer. It is in the interests of all parties concerned that inspection by the retailer is made immediately upon notification of a complaint.

Whilst every effort is made to keep to a stated dispatch or delivery date, Hancock FloorCoverings accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from unforeseen or unavoidable delays.

Return Of Goods
No product may be returned after being cut. All returns must be authorized by Hancock FloorCoverings and made WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS of receipt.

Cancellation Of An Order
Any carpet or vinyl order cancelled after being cut incurs a 25% restocking fee.

The retailer shall make the consumer aware of the possibility of shading or water marking of a cut pile carpet and the possibility that the colour may vary from the sample.

Prices quoted are exclusive of GST. Goods and Services Tax will be charged at the ruling rate. ALL prices are subject to alteration by Hancock FloorCoverings without notice. Goods will be charged at prices ruling at the date of dispatch, except for special bona fide contract orders where prior arrangements have been made and agreed upon by Hancock FloorCoverings.

Payment Terms Strictly 30 Days Net
The goods sold shall be at the Purchaser's risk as from the date of delivery to the Purchaser, its agent or any carrier.

Title and property in the goods shall not pass to the Purchaser until payment of the purchase price has been made in full, and until such time, the Purchaser shall hold the goods as bailee of Hancock FloorCoverings.

In the event of default of payment or for as long as any part of the purchase price remains unpaid, Hancock FloorCoverings reserves the right to enter the Purchaser's premises, retake possession of the goods and resell the same without prejudice to any other remedies available.


Type Notes Cost
Delivery Charge - Carpet & Vinyl Flat charge per roll / cut $25.00
Cutting Charge - Cuts requested by the customer Charge per cut $10.00
Bailing - Carpet over 25 metres, special orders and country orders $13.50
Drapes $12.00 ea